Mr. MengQinglin, G.M. of Sinoma Overseas, Talked with Secretary-General of Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Zimbabwe


On May 17,2016, Mr. MengQinglin, G.M. of Sinoma Overseas Development Company, met with Mr. Shonhiwa, Secretary-General of Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Zimbabwe. Mr. Yu Yang, Vice G.M. of Sinoma Overseas, and Mr. Wei Qiang, site manager of Zimbabwe Msasaproject, attended the meeting.


Mr. MengQinglin first introduced the overview of business development of Sinoma International Engineering Co. Ltd worldwide and the execution progressof the Zimbabwe project, and then expressed the willingness for further development in Zimbabwe. Mr. Shonhiwa fully recognized Sinoma’s achievements and in combination of Sinoma’s business advantages, introduced the localization policies, tax policies and investment environment for Chinese enterprises to conduct business in the country.


During the in-depth talk, Mr. Shonhiwa introduced the overview of setting up special economic zones in Zimbabwe, hoped Sinoma could continue to expand business in the country and hoped investors could give advices to local government. Mr. MengQinglin expressed the vision of expanding business in the glass and building industry, proposed the advice of setting up industrial parks according to Sinoma’s business experience in various countries and explained the proposal in detail. As a central enterprise in China, Sinoma was willing to contribute to the economic development of Zimbabwe and help enhance the friendship between the two countries.