DRC’s PresidentJoseph Kabila Visited the DRC Project Site for Inspection.


July 1st was the date when the Communist Party of China was founded and also the date when Hong Kong returned to China. On this festive day, the DRC project site of Sinoma Overseas greeted a special guest. Mr. Joseph Kabila, President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the company of Orientalegovernor Bamanisa and other politicians, visited the project site for inspection.


June 30th was the National Day of DRC.Having attended the National Day ceremony at MATADI port, President Joseph Kabila arrived at the DRC project site of Sinoma Overseas on the afternoon of July 1st. Despite the close vigilance by armed policemen, the project managerMr. Zhou Qingshan and Sinoma employees made meticulous arrangements and welcomed the delegation led by President Joseph Kabila in a particular way.


During the visit, PresidentJoseph Kabila walked around the plant and asked about the capacity, the date of commencement and completion, solutions for supply of water andelectricity, progress in civil construction and delivery of equipment at the site. He fully recognized the quality and schedule of the PPC-Barnet project of Sinoma and spoke highly of the speed of China. He said that the President farm was merely a piece of land around this time of last year, but now, a modern plant was already set up, which attested the magic done by Sinoma. Half an hour later, amid everyone's farewell,PresidentJoseph Kabila left the project site.


In the afternoon,Orientalegovernor Mr. Bamanisa brought the news that the President highly recognized the achievements of Sinoma, inquired about the profile and business scope of the company and instructed him to keep close contact with Sinomato arrange for more opportunities of projectcooperation. Having heard the news, thesite office sent over the video information on all sectors of the company’s business, its performance and level of project execution in time.


The visit paid by the President not only effectively promoted the project progress, but also showed the strength and charm of Sinoma, laying a solid foundation for the company’s business expansion in DRC. We’re convinced that as the DRC project progresses, under the overall arrangement of the company, Sinoma will further cooperate with DRC. Sinoma staff at the site will continue to make persistent efforts for mutual benefit and common developmentwith DRC.